Brian J. Magana

Brian Magana is a graduate with a passion for writing about CBD. His articles are resourceful because he does in-depth research. Brian has been doing research and content posting in His passion for the CBD industry is unmatched, and it is apparent that he has dedicated all his life to educating people about CBD. He posts timely and informative content that touches on complex terms such as the entourage, the THC and the human Endocannabinoid system. Upon graduating from Harvard in 2013 with a science degree, he started researching CBD, and the 2018 farm bill harnessed his efforts about CBD products. When Magana is not writing and researching, he enjoys watching football over the weekends.
An illustration of a plane surrounded be CBD leaves
Brian J. Magana

Can I Fly With CBD?

CBD has grown in popularity, and many individuals utilize it to improve their health. This non-psychoactive organic cannabis extract can be used for mental and

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