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CBD Dosage- Calculating How Much to Take

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Cannabidiol is an active ingredient that is found in cannabis plants. The market for CBD is growing at a very fast rate, and the research body continues to expand. All the same, there is so much confusion about how we should use CBD, its safety, and its therapeutic benefits.

By now, you should know that CBD products are legal even though the legality will vary from one state to the other. Since the FDA is not regulating the CBD industry, the quality, dosage, and safety of CBD products vary dramatically.

It, therefore, becomes a bit hard to calculate the optimal CBD dosage. In this article, we focus on the CBD dosage for various conditions. You will also learn about what research says regarding safe and effective dosages.

Research into Dosage

The FDA has only approved CBD use for certain forms of epilepsy. For this reason, little is known about the dosage that people can use when they use CBD for other reasons. For any drug, the right dosage is the one that offers the desired therapeutic benefits and remains well-tolerated in the body. According to clinical studies, researchers used different oral CBD dosages ranging from 100 to 800mg daily. There are, however, other studies that used even higher dosages.

According to some reviews, someone reported psychosis improvement after using 1200mg of CBD daily for just a few weeks. Another study indicated schizophrenia patients reporting benefits once they increased the dosage from 40 to 1280mg daily for 4 weeks. In a study looking into CBD effects among people with Parkinson’s disease, 6 people had notable improvement with 150mg of CBD daily.

CBD Dosage: How much CBD should You Take for Your Condition?

With no FDA approval, there is little guidance on the amount of CBD one can use for different conditions. Below is a CBD dosage chart that illustrates the preferable CBD dosage for different ailments:

  • CBD Dosage for Anxiety 300mg to 600mg daily
  • Schizophrenia 1000mg/d for 8 weeks
  • Parkinson’s disease 100 to 400mg/d for 4 weeks
  • Cannabis dependency 300mg/d and increased to 600mg/d
  • Arthritis 30mg per day on the maximum or 250mg for topical applications
  • Seizures 10-month infant should have 25mg/kg/d for 6 months
  • Select epilepsy forms 2.5mg/kg two times a day

How to Calculate the Amount of CBD in Your Oil?

Consuming CBD in the form of gummies, soft gels, and capsules, you will learn that the dosage is normally expressed in every unit. For instance, every gummy might have 50mg of CBD. These products don’t offer much of that in terms of dosage flexibility. For example, when you do not feel the effects on one gummy, you will have to take another whole gummy since it will not be possible to split it to have your desired dosage.

It is very easy to begin on a low dose of CBD oil. The challenge comes when you need to calculate the CBD dosage. Tinctures and oils arrive in some dropper bottle. Here, just the total volume of the liquid and CBD content will be indicated on the label. For example, a bottle might be labeled to contain 1500mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle.

cbd dosage

You might be wondering what a milliliter looks like. Since the CBD industry is not regulated, the calculations are not easy. This way, you need to know the volume of a single drop in a dropper. According to experts, one drop has 0.05 milliliters, but you can ask your CBD Company if you are in doubt.

Let us do the math now! Assuming that you settled for a 30ml bottle having 1500mg of CBD with the volume for a single drop being 0.05ml, the bottle has 50mg of CBD for every ml. This is how:

  • 1500mg/30ml= 50mg/ml
    So, how many milligrams (mg) are present in a single drop? Below is the calculation;
  • 50mg/ml x 0.05ml/drop= 2.5mg/drop
    Every drop in that bottle has 2.5 milligrams of CBD.

The next thing you want to know is the number of drops you should take to get your desired CBD dosage. Assuming that you want to consume 25mg of CBD daily:

  • 25mg/2.5mg in every drop= 10 drops
    The number of milliliters in the 10 drops will be;
  • 10 drops x 2.5mg= 0.5ml
    With the CBD dosage calculator guide above, you will need to use 10 drops or 0.5ml to get to a desired CBD dosage goal of 25mg. If you use 25mg CBD daily, the bottle will serve as a 60-day supply.

Factors that May Influence the Dosage

  • Height and weight- Generally speaking, the heavier you are, the more CBD you will need to take to realize the desired effects. Once you take CBD, it will interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. The system runs all over the body, from your brain to your feet. CBD will be absorbed and metabolized at a rate dependent on your weight and height. High concentration CBD will be needed for a taller and heavier individual.
  • Age- If the CBD effects are to be felt, your body will first break down the compound. This will involve heavy lifting by metabolism to ensure that CBD is split into smaller parts for easy traveling all over the body. Metabolism gets slow as we age, and that is where age comes in to determine the best CBD dosage. It simply means that if you are old, you will have to remain patient to feel CBD effects in the body. The metabolism rate is very high for younger individuals, and effects will be felt very soon. As such, you will need to consume CBD often to maintain the effects.
  • Sex- There is evidence that shows a significant difference in the manner that women and men react to CBD. It is believed that the behavioral and hormonal differences between females and males contribute to CBD’s efficacy. Research has it that CBD could have a noticeable physiological impact on men regarding food intake and energy balance. On the other hand, CBD could profoundly impact females regarding stress and mood disturbances.
  • Experience- If you have used CBD before, you have an idea of the amount of CBD you will need to use. All the same, whether you have used CBD before or not, it is very crucial to dose low and slow. This is especially the case if you haven’t used CBD for a while. Making simple changes like CBD oils to capsules could play a role in the effects of CBD.

What Dosages are Safe?

Even though there is limited research into the effects of using pure CBD, research suggests that CBD has low toxicity. In monkeys, CBD will never affect behavior and bodily functions unless the dosage gets higher than 30mg orally daily for 90 days.

For human study, a study where people were given 1500mg of CBD daily for 4 weeks showed that they never went through withdrawal after the trial period of 28 days. In yet another study, does of up to 1500mg daily remained well-tolerated.

Final Thoughts

The optimal CBD dosage that will work for everyone is not in existence. Cannabinoids are very complex. In this case, so many variables could influence the absorption of CBD. From the potency of the CBD product, its bioavailability, the severity of the condition, your weight to the cannabinoid spectrum.

The only way out is using the general dosage guideline for different conditions. Make sure to treat that as a reference point and not the CBD dosage routine. The best way of figuring your ideal CBD dosage is to start low until you get an ideal dosage and experience the results you desire.

How you react to CBD could change with time. In this regard, you will want to monitor the effects of your supplementation. Apart from that, always remember to consult the physician for professional guidance.

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