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The Ultimate CBD Vape Pen Guide: What You Should Know Before

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Using a CBD vape pen to consume CBD oil is one of the popular and most effective ways to get the desired effect. However, before you go spending on a vape pen or kit, here is all you need to understand about the CBD vape pens.

What are CBD Vape Pens?

A CBD vape pen is a device often in the shape of a pen that allows you to vaporize CBD vape juice for inhaling. It consists of a reservoir that holds the CBD vape juice, a battery that provides the energy for heating, and an atomizer for heating the liquid. A vape pen also has a mouthpiece through which you inhale the vapor.

What are CBD Vape Kits and CBD Cartridges?

Health Canal defines A CBD Vape kit as essentially a whole vaping package. They come in different designs and shapes. For example, you can have a CBD oil vape pen starter kit for beginners or powerful kits coming with box mod rechargeable batteries and a USB charger.

CBD cartridges are part of a CBD vape kit. A cartridge is a chamber usually cylindrical in shape which holds the CBD vape juice. They come pre-filled with vape juice and in different designs. You screw the cartridge to the rest of the vape pen or kit so that you can heat the juice and inhale it.

Different Types of CBD Vape Pen in Market

While vape pens come in different sizes and shapes, there are only two types in the market; Disposable CBD vape pen and refillable CBD vape pen. A disposable CBD vape pen comes pre-filled with vape juice. It also has an inbuilt battery that is already charged. They are ready to use straight from the box and pack several hundreds of puffs, and once they are depleted, you dispose of the vape pen.

refillable CBD vape, on the other hand, allows for more reuse since you can refill it with the vape juice if it ends. You also have to be recharging the battery. It costs more initially but is more affordable in the long run.

How Should You Choose the Right CBD Vape Pen?

There are numerous CBD products in the market, and with more people switching to this method of CBD consumption, there are bound to be unscrupulous dealers sending inferior products for a quick kill. Other brands may also overhype their products. In choosing the best CBD vape pen, consider the following;

  • The reputation of the brand

Buy products from reputable manufacturers only who are established and make high-quality products. Look out at customer reviews as well as reviews from trusted CBD publications. Look at the BBB rating and how much information is available on their website regarding their products.

  • Ingredients

The CBD Break advises users to pay more attention to the ingredients present in a product. The ingredients determine the effectiveness of the product and also if it has any potential harm to you. Go for products using organic ingredients while avoiding the ones with synthetic ingredients. For carrier oils, avoid Propylene Glycol (PG) since it is harmful when heated. Instead, opt for Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or, better yet, tec temper.

  • Customer support

Buy from brands and dealers with excellent customer support. Ideally, the brand should have a presence on the major social media channels. They should be responsive to clients and potential buyers and no cases of unanswered calls, messages, or emails.

  • Quality of CBD content

Whether you are using a refillable CBD vape pen or a disposable one, you should care about the kind of CBD you are consuming. The CBD extract should come from natural hemp farms that practice organic farming. Hemp from the U.S is excellent due to the strict regulations and standards in place. You also want to be sure the brands use hemp that has undergone third-party lab testing and received purity certification. Finally, only use CBD content whose manufacturers obtained it used CO2 extraction method. This is a pure extraction process that does not leave any solvents and residue like butane in the final product that are harmful to your health.

  • Ease of Use

Swaay further recommends you look at the functionality of the CBD vape pen. If you are a beginner, you want to get a pen or kit that is easy to use, ideally straight for the packaging. Advanced vapers may want something that targets more of their needs, like added functionality like enhanced performance. They may also want a CBD vaping kit that provides more flexibility for preferences like programmable pre-sets

  • Price

Price is always a consideration, but, in this case, more emphasis should be on the value for money and your needs. If you are starting out and experimenting with the different options, then do not spend money on expensive kits and CBD vape pens. Once you have settled on what suits you best, invest in a quality kit that will last longer and not burn or break easily.

Tips to Take Care of Your Cartridge and Vape Pen

If you have to keep on replacing your CBD vape, then it will be a costly affair. Proper maintenance ensures you add more life to your pen and do not deplete the cartridge or vape juice early. If you are using a refillable vape pen, then you will need these maintenance efforts the most.

  • Proper storage

How you store your CBD cartridge and vape pen has a significant impact on its lifespan. The vape juice can quickly evaporate in hot environments. Therefore, do not store your device in a hot car or windowsill where the sun’s heat will get to it. Instead, store your CBD vaping kits in a cool, dry place.

You should also avoid placing it in your pocket as you can easily crash the device while sitting, or it may fall from your pockets. Ideally, please keep it in the storage case it came with from the manufacturer. Also, remove the cartridge from the vape pen whenever you are not using it. This action will help prevent leakages and unknowingly heating the juice and leaving it to evaporate.

  • Watch the altitude

Higher altitude is not suitable for vape pens because it increases air pressure. When this happens, air can get into your device, which then causes poor performance and even leaks. If you want to use a CBD vape pen in a higher altitude area, you will need to buy a higher quality pen. Such a kit comes with solid construction and design that guards it against the effects of air pressure.

  • Take good care of your battery

Your battery performs the critical function of powering your vape pen, and without proper care, it will affect the CBD vape pen’s function. Keep the battery away from moisture and excess heat. If you detect or suspect the batteries are compromised in any way, do not use the vape pen as it could overheat and combust.

Agate Dreams also suggest that you keep it at a low to moderate level when using battery models with adjustable power. The attraction for adjusting to a high voltage is the increase in the vapor you get. However, in doing this, you increase the risk of the battery overheating. Also, the extra heat may smolder the oil inside the chamber even when you are not using the pen leading to wastage.

  • Use the right and matching equipment

If you are using a refillable vape pen or a CBD vape kit, you must ensure all the parts are compatible. These include batteries, vape juice, cartridges, and tanks, among others. Even if a cartridge seems to be working with your CBD vape pen and is not compatible, it could waste your product. Wrong equipment also increases the risk of overheating and leaking.

  • Warm up the vape juice

In certain circumstances, the vape juice may be thick, which will affect the quality of your hits. Cloud9 Hemp advises that you heat it gently by running a lighter around the tank or cartridge in such a situation. Do this for a few seconds and gently to avoid melting or breaking the pen. Equally, you could dip the cartridge in hot water for a couple of minutes.

  • Keep your pens and kits clean

Regularly cleaning your CBD vape pen and kits gives you time to inspect leaks and their overall integrity. More importantly, it allows you to remove any obstructions between the cartridge and the pen at the connection point. Cleaning also helps to kill germs and bacteria at the mouthpiece.

Pros and Cons of CBD Vape pen

Using a CBD vape pen provides several advantages to the use including the following;

  • Higher bioavailability

Vaping allows you to get the most CBD into your body. It has the highest CBD bioavailability compared to all other CBD methods. Vaping CBD gets you about 50% to 70% bioavailability. This means that, unlike other CBD methods, you only need a little CBD oil to get the desired effect.

  • Provides fast absorption

Another significant advantage of vaping is the rate of CBD absorption into the bloodstream. The effect is, therefore, immediate compared to other methods. This fast absorption rate is what makes it excellent to use a CBD vape pen for pain relief.

  • It is discreet and convenient

A CBD vape pen is highly portable and does not attract attention when you are using it. It is simple to use and works anywhere. Better yet, it does not produce a strong odor that makes people around you uncomfortable. It also produces smoke instead of vapor.

  • Health benefits

A CBD vape pen allows you to enjoy all the health benefits of CBD. So, can a CBD vape pen help anxiety issues? Yes, and not only that, but you can also use a CBD vape pen for depression and all other health benefits associated with cannabidiol.

  • Flexibility and options

Unlike most other ways of taking CBD, a CBD Vape Pen use allows you to control the different flavors you consume and how you consume them. You can control the temperatures from low to high to get the most of the terpenes. In the case of a disposable vape pen, you can keep changing to suit your needs.

There are also several cons to vape pens, key among them being

  • Vape pens can cause metal contamination. The heating element of the vape pens is usually nickel or chromium alloy, titanium, pure nickel wire, or Kanthal. These metals can release tiny particles when burning, which can harm your body. To avoid this, buy vape pens that use borosilicate glass or stainless steel along with titanium coil.
  • You may also develop an allergic reaction when using CBD vape pens. Your body may react to the chemical inside like VG or PG, giving you headaches, nausea, or irritation.
  • It may be addictive. While CBD is not addictive, the act of vaping may become a habit you will struggle to stop.

Final Thoughts

A CBD vape pen offers the user plenty of advantages. It is discreet and allows you to maximize the health benefits of cannabidiol. Given the prevalence of vape pens and kits in the market, it may not be obvious to know which products to pick. One should look for a brand that uses organic CBD without any synthetic chemicals.

The build of the CBD vape pen is also vital to prevent leaks, metal contamination, and it enhances the shelf life of the pen. Knowing vital information about CBD vape pens will allow you to pick the right product.

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