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Green Crack Marijuana Strain Review

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The Green Crack strain has its name from Snoop Dogg. Smokers call it Green Cush or Cush when they prefer not to reference cocaine. It is, however, good to note that it has no association at all with the other narcotics; it is simply a natural reefer. The strain brings you a big mood and an energy bolt.

It also spurs creativity, not forgetting how it helps patients get things done. The Green Crack cannabis strain has been recommended for treating depression and anxiety. Proceed to read through this review to learn more about this strain.

What is the Green Crack Strain?

There are two variations of Green Crack in the recreational and medical marijuana market. The common one is the sativa form which is the most consumed. This option is known for its energizing effects on anyone who tries it. The other option is the less popular indica variety. Here, we will focus on the sativa variety of Green Crack.

The Green Crack strain is categorized as a sativa strain, with its parental lineage being from the inbreeding of Skunk No.1. It is believed that Green Crack THC level is around 15 to 20%. That is considered slightly above average compared to most cannabis strains out there, but there is nothing extraordinary about that.

The effects of this train will last you long enough but will never impact you very strongly to become dysfunctional. After using this strain, you will normally go through your daily activities with an energy boost.


The Green Crack strain has a unique aroma. It has a refreshing and pleasant smell. Some people say that the strain reminds them of some tropical fruit like papaya or mango with its bright citrus scent. Other people say that it has some hints of pine and fresh grass in the fragrance. You will also learn about its mellow undertones.


Once you have smoked this strain, you will discover a particular citrus taste associated with it. That will be mixed with an earthy and fresh accent from its fragrance. The strain is said to leave some pleasant after-taste. Its sweet and fruitiness nature offers a flavor that will remind you of the tropical island.


When it comes to appearance, the Green Crack strain has yellow-greenish buds. Crops that are grown in cold conditions express some hints of purple. Its pistils have a rusty red or orange color. The buds of this strain are tight and dense.

Green Crack Strain Grow Info

This strain is relatively easy to grow, given its flexibility to grow indoors and outdoors. Since it is sensitive to powdery mildew, keeping humidity low when growing is strongly recommended. Growing the strain outdoors requires a balmy and Mediterranean climate.


When grown indoors, the plant needs proper air circulation. The average yield will be relatively 18 ounces for every square meter. You expect the plant to flower within 7-9 weeks. Growing the plant outdoors gives a better yield than indoors since it yields 20 ounces for each plant. It will be ready for harvest around the end of September and early October.

Medical Benefits of the Green Crack Strain

Experts advise that the Green Crack strain is not recommended for treating extremely serious health conditions. All the same, the strain is believed to help people with fatigue, depression, anxiety, stress, and those who feel exhausted from a medical condition. With its strong sativa effects, it will keep you going regardless of how your day feels like. However, it is important to remember to consume the strain responsibly.

Possible Side Effects of the Green Crack Strain

The common side effect reported from using this strain is a dry mouth. You can easily manage this by drinking enough water. Users have experienced paranoia, dry eyes, and occasional dizziness at times. However, these rare effects can be lessened by simply remaining hydrated.

The Bottom Line

This is the strain they need to look for for anyone looking to get creative and inspired. It helps users remain focused while maintaining a feel-good mood combined with an energy boost. Most people opt to use the Green Crack strain as their day-starter to the extent of replacing it with a strong cup of coffee. The stimulating cerebral high from this train is good for promoting focus. Newbies are advised to keep off this strain with a high THC level.

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