Joint for jabs

Joints for Jabs: Washington State Turns to Marijuana Giveaways

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We all agree that the development of Covid-19 vaccines has been an enormous success. All the same, vaccinating most of the population worldwide has remained an enormous challenge for several reasons. The one apparent reason is that people are yet to gain trust with the vaccines. This, therefore, implies that efforts should be put in place for the public to gain and maintain their trust in Covid-19 vaccines. Based on the public’s experience with these vaccines, they are likely to develop trust in other vaccines present or the ones to come. For that reason, it is essential to build public confidence at a time like this. If this is not the case, any other vaccine in the future might be unwelcome among the public.

With that in mind, what are the laid out measures that will help the public to gain confidence in the Covid-19 vaccine? Different states have come up with incentives and programs aiming to get as many people vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine. The recent one has been in Washington, which is dubbed ‘Joint for Jabs.’ What is this program, and does it serve its intended purpose? Despite being a newly rolled-out program, it serves its purpose, as you shall later in this post. This has joined the many incentives that have been put in place in different parts of the world to get people vaccinated. To get more details about the ‘Joints for Jabs’ program, proceed reading below.

Joint for Jabs

You are probably wondering what the ‘Joints for Jabs’ fuss are all about. As we previously mentioned, this is a thing in the state of Washington. Following this state’s liquor and cannabis board announcement his week, this program has been rolled out. It seeks to allow licensed cannabis retailers in the state to give away one joint to adult consumers but on a condition. The consumers must receive the Covid-19 vaccination from an in-store clinic. In short, Washington State is slowing for marijuana giveaways intending to encourage the Covid-19 vaccinations.

This program is the current vaccination incentive from a state that only days ago attained its goal of vaccinating at least 70% of its adults. According to officials in this state, they have said that reaching such a mark will allow for the lifting of the remaining restrictions brought about by Covid-19. Therefore, they are hopeful that with the ‘Joints for Jabs’ program, they will get the remaining population vaccinated.

The liquor and cannabis board said that it had received several requests from licensed cannabis retailers to have a hand in promoting the state’s vaccination efforts. Following the board’s approval dubbed ‘Joints for Jabs,’ the program is effective immediately and will lapse by July 12. It is, however, allowed only for adults aged 21 years and older. The state had also previously allowed businesses to give complimentary alcoholic beverages to customers. This could happen after they had the proof of vaccination.

The Bottom Line

Yes, this is all that the ‘Joints for Jabs’ program entail. Washington State’s push to get people vaccinated joins so many incentives set up all over the country. True to the word, these incentives are getting people to take the jab. In California, for instance, the state has already announced a lottery of 116.5 million dollars. Only the vaccinated residents will stand a chance to win cash prizes of 50,000 U.S. dollars or 1.5 million dollars each. In the County of Los Angeles, they have been giving away gift cards and season tickets for the Dodgers and LAFC.

President Biden’s administration has also made partnerships with several private and public-sector businesses. These are looking to offer incentives for those Americans who get vaccinated. One of these incentives is with Anheuser-Busch stating that Americans will get more than 21 rounds of beer. This is upon meeting Biden’s vaccination goals.

As we have learned from this piece, vaccination in Washington State has risen up courtesy of the ‘Joints for Jabs’ program. It is even aiming for more adults to get vaccinated. This is believed to help lift the restrictions put in place to curb the spread of Covid-19. Marijuana lovers should exploit this opportunity since it expires on July 12. Get the Covid-19 and get yourself a pre-rolled joint so long as you meet the age requirement.

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