Privacy Policy

The CBD-Weekly Privacy policy statement states how we, the website authorities, will use, manage, and protect your data. As a user or visitor, you might come across a section that requires you to give personal information. The privacy policy details what we do with that data or information.

This Privacy policy makes sure that your data stays safe and secure with us. This privacy policy also tells you exactly what type of data we take from you. If you come across any section that asks you for your data, you are assured that it will be according to this Privacy policy. holds the authorization of changing any of the privacy policy terms and data usage conditions without prior notification. You can check back with this page to see if any significant changes happened to the privacy policy. This privacy policy will be effective from 2020.

The nature of data we take

  • The User’s Name
  • User’s email address
  • Other contact details or social media profiles
  • Demographic information like Age, Gender, Preferences
  • Responses to Surveys or Questionnaires

What we use your data for

  • Records of User information
  • Development of current services or new offerings
  • Any offers, coupons, discounts or any promotional bonuses that we might send to you depending on your uses on the site
  • Marketing research for the aforementioned product or service development
  • Craft better user experience of the website for users such as yourself.

Securing your Data makes express effort to make sure your data is always secure and safe. We have put cyber security as well as physical measures to make sure your data stays away from dubious hands.

Our Use of cookies

Cookies are very small txt files that we use to monitor user engagement. Once you enter our site, we ask for your permission to enable cookies. It stays in your hard drive for the duration of the visit and gives us an idea of how you engage with our site. Once your visit is done the cookies remove themselves. Cookies let web applications, such as our website, engage with users as individuals. We can craft a better experience for you with the help of our cookies.

We also use cookies to get analytics of how each page is performing. Cookies also help us how you are engaging with our content. Using this data helps us develop features or even services that can serve you better in your subsequent visits to our site.

If you don’t want cookies on your system, we understand that. You can reject the pop up that comes once you enter our site or toggle allowing cookies options off from your respective browser settings.

Under the age of 18 users

Any user below the age of 18 cannot use our website, with accordance to regulations outlined in the Child Online Privacy act of 1998. If you are under 18, please be warned that legal action is possible for any prohibited acts.

Links to the other sites

Within our site, there may be multiple links to the other websites. If you happen to click and visit those other sites then you will fall under the privacy policy of that particular site. will not be responsible for any harm if you face such situations in those other sites.

User’s Personal Information

We will not share, disclose, or use your data with any other third-party users with the exception of express measures by law enforcement agencies. We only use your information for user experience development, marketing purposes, product development activities.

If you happen to need the information, we have of you, then we are obliged to provide you that. This is in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 1998. We will provide you a copy upon your request and you may need to pay a small fee. Email us at [email protected] for your copy.

If you see some incorrect information regarding your information please send us an email detailing the corrections at the same address.

Google Dart Cookies

Google’ AdSense ad network uses their DART cookies to track user engagement from browser data and provide advertisements. As it falls under the provision of Google Ad network Privacy policies, you need to go and check them out in the following address:

As is not responsible for the cookie management for Google, you have to check with their own privacy policy. This is true for any other ad networks.

Our Contact Details

For any queries send us an email to : [email protected]

Changes to the Privacy policy

Any alterations, changes, new term additions are purely subject to the authority of You will not be notified about the changes generally, but check with this page regularly to see if changes have taken place.

The Privacy Policy is effective from:


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