Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain Review

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The Wedding Cake strain, however, does not taste like a wedding cake but rather earthy and sour. Only at the finish does a trace of syrupy sweetness emerge. But despite its deceiving name, the Wedding Cake strain is super potent, with THC levels around 27%.

If you’re a wedding guest, you’re probably thinking about the reception that follows the ceremony. Yes, the first union is nice and all, but it is also mind-numbingly boring! The after-party may contain marijuana in addition to generous amounts of drink, depending on who is being married and the sort of individuals they invite!

In January 2018, Lafayette hosted a Cannabis Wedding Expo. Its purpose was to show soon-to-be-married couples how to use marijuana in their wedding plans — discreetly, of course! We have a hunch the Wedding Cake strain will catch on and become a staple of the after-wedding celebration.

What Is the Wedding Cake Strain?

Wedding Cake is a sativa-dominant hybrid that crosses Cherry Pie with Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). A few well-known and recognized budsmen, on the other hand, believe it is a hybrid between Animal Mints and Triangle Kush. Originally, the strain was bred in Southern California. Later, a breeder named Kind Love assisted in bringing it to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.


You’ll be rewarded with an appealing, sweet perfume after you get over the earthy and doughy scent. The comments on this strain showed that its backcrossed genetics blended nicely and retained its heritage’s essential tart and sweet tastes.


The earth and sour flavors take over your taste receptors, which is unexpected given the fragrance. Fortunately, after a short while, the sweet flavors emerge. We recommend using a vaporizer set to a low temperature if you want the greatest flavor.


The calyxes’ tops and sides are covered with trichomes. This cannabis has a sugar cookie appearance because of the tones of pinkish-red and grape. The nugs are thick and teardrop-shaped. Because of its hue, some people refer to Wedding Cake as the “Pink Cookie.”

Wedding Cake Strain Grow Info

Wedding Cake seeds might be difficult to come by. Growing this strain may be a subject of trial and error because the growers have not disclosed its growth information. Getting a clipping from a female plant is your best bet. Wedding Cake’s heritage shows that it thrives inside, and soil is the optimum medium for cultivating it.


Allow a small amount of humidity in the air by adjusting your fan and exhaust system. The flowering period is estimated to be between 7-9 weeks. Indoors, the production is around 18-21 ounces per square meter.

If you’re going to grow it outside, make sure you live somewhere warm, sunny, and humid. Use rich soil as your growth medium once more. By late September to mid-October, your crop should be ready to harvest. Successful outdoor Wedding Cake gardeners should expect a large crop of 21 ounces per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

Wedding Cake users are well aware that it is a powerful tool. THC levels of 27 percent have been discovered in lab versions of this strain! We’ve already discussed how a strain’s THC level does not always equal the high you expect.

On the other hand, Wedding Cake is every bit as strong as its test report claims, if not more so! We don’t suggest this strain if you’re new to cannabis smoking. It can throw you into a dream state before you realize what’s going on!

CBD Content – Highest Test

Wedding Cake seldom contains more than 0.23 percent CBD and normally has about 0.1 percent. As a result, the THC: CBD ratio is often approximately 250:1. It does, however, have significant quantities of beta-caryophyllene, a terpene that produces a comparable reaction to high-CBD strains like Harlequin. Wedding Cake is a good medicinal strain since the terpenes target the same CB2 receptors.

What are Wedding Cake’s Likely Effects?

Wedding Cake, as previously said, is a highly strong strain. As a result, unless you plan on returning home quickly after the wedding, it’s probably not the ideal choice for an after-wedding party toke. You’ll most likely experience a slight psychedelic high, and users claim to see everything in “high definition”! This may be scary for newcomers, but it shouldn’t be too difficult for veteran cannabis users. Fortunately, this strain can help you relax and is a great choice if you want to unwind.

Wedding Cake’s effects can also make you feel more like a spectator than a participant, even if you’re standing in the thick of a multitude.

Medical Benefits of the Wedding Cake Strain

Due to its uplifting benefits, some cannabis users utilize Wedding Cake to treat anxiety and despair. Exceptionally high THC levels can work as a mood enhancer and a powerful pain reliever. Wedding Cake is a popular medical marijuana strain used to treat musculoskeletal pain, including arthritis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia. The Wedding Cake strain is also utilized to treat symptoms of neurological diseases like Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Possible Side Effects of the Wedding Cake Strain

There are some possible negative side effects, like with most high-THC strains. If you use too much, you may get cottonmouth or burning eyes. It can trigger panic attacks or anxiety in persons prone to these problems in rare situations.

Final Thoughts

Wedding Cake is a potent strain that can aid with pain, anxiety, and sadness for a short time. It has a very high THC content and makes you feel like you’ve just dabbed a concentrate! Although it is a calming smoke, it is not recommended for beginners or those with poor tolerance to marijuana.

Some Wedding Cake strains have a greater CBD concentration and a lower THC percentage. This may lessen the likelihood of adverse effects. Your mind will feel energized after utilizing it, and you may find yourself laughing uncontrollably. Your body will eventually feel relaxed, and you may fall asleep peacefully.

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